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Poltava recent comments:

  • Общежитие архитектурного факультета Полтавского НТУ, Starr wrote 10 years ago:
    Здесь я жил 6 лет во время учебы в институте
  • Poltava turbomechanical plant, SAVA (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    The plat now is not work. On his teretory now is hotel ad market :-(
  • BS 25506, АС (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    ОБЩАГА №5 мой дом
  • prospekt Mykoly Vavilova, 3, Iur (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    Here lives my groupmate Oleg
  • Fire department of Air Division, kostpolt wrote 10 years ago:
    Perfect English :-)
  • Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V. G. Korolenko, Slaven Tyaglo (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    This university is the best of the popular education centre's of Poltava, Makarenko - the Best, he was study in our University, and he is a nice man). Welcome to Poltava and Pedagogical university future teachers history and geography of the all world!!! Came to us and we allways glad to see you in our Town.
  • Military Signal training center, ser (guest) wrote 11 years ago:
    very good educational institution. I studied here. very good teachers and institutions atmosphere is very interesting.
  • BS 25503, 25506, kostpolt wrote 11 years ago:
    да есть люди которые интересуются