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Poltava (Ukrainian and Russian: Полтава; Polish: Połtawa) is a city in central Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Poltava Oblast (province), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Poltavskyi Raion (district) within the oblast. The city itself is also designated as its own separate raion within the oblast. Whereabouts: in latitude 49° 00` 36`` North, in longitude 34° 00` 33`` East. Area: 103,5 square km. The current estimated population is 313,400 (as of 2004).
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  • Police, maks (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
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  • Bilosnizhka ('Snow White') Kindergarten, malik arshad (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
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  • Bilosnizhka ('Snow White') Kindergarten, malik arshad (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
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  • vulytsia Sobornosti, 24/15, Artem (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Тут находится апелляционный суд. Коррупция зашкаливает.
  • Kindom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses, Augustine Kemjika wrote 4 years ago:
    is the kingdom hall far from the centre in poltava?
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